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“Real” weapons for your home shooting cinema system

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Modifying your shotgun, rifle or similar weapons replica. – It can’t get much more realistic than that!

We offer to modify your out of use and deactivated shotgun. This design is especially useful when the system is going to be used under public-display and Shooting-club circumstances, as it offers a very rugged Laser weapon with a training effect which can’t get much closer to the real thing! We strongly recommend this type of laser weapon for all hunter- and shooter-associations as well as shooting-theatre operators and costumers planning to run their System for extended use or by a broad audience. No tutorials needed – Just aim and (laser)shoot! Needless to say, we attend all our shows using laser weapons modified in this way, – the sturdiness is truly convincing!

Conditions: the weapon you plan to have modified by us must be deactivated according to German Weapons law including a certificate of deactivation. We are not able to deactivate any weapons for you!

Cost: 238,- Euro incl. Tax. providing technical viability

Optional: functional second trigger/barrel (50 Euro additional charges)